About the director

hala in paris

Hala is an Egyptian filmmaker, born in 1973, who studied economies and political science and graduated from Cairo University in 1995. Then she studied filmmaking in Cairo Film Institute and graduated with an honor degree in 1999.
She worked as an assistant director in the commercial field for two years before deciding it is not the place she belongs to. She made three documentaries independently from 2001 to 2004.  She worked with Aljazeera documentary channel making seven TV documentaries in a series called “Arabs of Latin America” from 2005 to 2006.

In 2007 she began producing her long feature debut Coming Forth by Day totally independent using her saved money and a small grant afterwards in 2008. The project was suspended for sometime and was resumed after the revolution.
In 2010, with the help of the partners of Coming Forth by Day, Hala composed “Hassala Films” which is an independent company aiming to support young artists to achieve their dream projects by offering them free cameras and edit suits and fund raising consultations to help them keep their independence as much as they can.

In July 2011, Hala received the prestigious Katrin Cartlidge Foundation Award, given to a new cinematic voice reflecting integrity of spirit in independent film.


A Rehearsal, documentary, 17 min, betacam,1998 ( High Cinema Institute)

That Beautiful Voice, fiction, 4.5 min, 35mm,1998 ( High Cinema Institute), won the “First Work” prize in the Egypt National Film Festival, 1999.

Four Scenes, documentary, 10 min,betacam, 1999 ( High Cinema Institute )

No waiting Please, fiction, 8 min, 35mm, 1999 ( High Cinema Institute )

Greeting Patern, documentary, 4.5 min, 35mm,2000 ( Egyptian Film Centre), “Best Documentary” prize in the Egypt National Film Festival 2001

Images of water and earth, documentary, 26min.,betacam, 2001, “Special Jury” prize in the Rotterdam Arabic Film Festival 2002

Feeling Cold, documentary, 47min, digital betacam, 2005 ( Egyptian Film Centre), “Special Jury” prize in the Egypt National Film Festival. “Golden Hawke” in the Rotterdam Arabic Film Festival 2005, and the “Best Composition (screenplay)” prize from Pyongyang in 2006

Arabs in Latin America, documentary series (7 segments- 47 min.,each ), 2006.

Coming Forth by Day, fiction, 2012 (Hassala Productions with the support of AFAC and ADACH)


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